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Who We Work With


Blue Sky Financial Group specializes in individuals and families who are looking to develop and protect their financial goals.  When you have one, or several financial decisions to make, and you need help deciphering your options, Blue Sky Financial can help navigate through the financial decision process.


Financial planning is a long term process, covering many phases of life.  Blue Sky Financial works with clients who fall into any of the three phases of financial life.











During the years you earning an income you have the financial firepower to save towards your goals.  This is the period of life when your goals and financial path are the most malleable and under your control.   It is also when even small mistakes can snowball into big regrets.  During this period it is essential to maximize all your available financial options and develop an understanding of money while developing sound financial behavior.


Blue Sky Financial can help you identify, define and prioritize your financial goals while creating a plan to help you get from A to B in the most efficient manner possible.


Financial planning will help you understand your cash flow and savings power and identify the best places to save towards your goals.


In addition, financial planning will help you identify what protections you need in place to protect your goals, your family and your future.


Whether your goals early in life are to buy a home, raise a family or put children through school a plan will help you work towards you goals efficiently. 











Once you are thinking about making the transition to retirement you face the biggest financial chore you will ever have in life, recreating the income you have experienced regularly for decades.  Turning your retirement savings into an income stream involves an understanding of the many risks involved in money management; market risk - the volatility we see in our investments; inflation risk - the gradual decrease of our purchasing power; longevity risk - outliving our expectation and creating a more expensive retirement than anticipated; health risks - the unexpected health concerns as we age; and more…


Blue Sky Financial can review situation and create a strategy to help you manage your income in retirement by giving you the knowledge to understand what you have to work with and how to maximize all available resources.


Financial planning can help identify the best way to take social security, employee pensions, draw down on deferred compensation plans, etc.   In addition, Blue Sky Financial can help you navigate the administrative tasks required to transition to retirement.  











Once employment is in the rear view mirror your financial chores are not yet finished.  Now that you are living off your assets, and enjoying the rewards your life's efforts, your never ending task is to ensure a high probability that your money will outlast you.  In addition, you need to have a plan in place to protect your assets from nursing home costs in your later years, and an estate plan to make sure you have the ability to control your funds even after you pass on.


Blue Sky Financial helps clients manage their financial affairs in retirement to allow for them to focus more time on enjoying their life instead of on their financial issues.


Financial goals do not end just because employment does, and throughout retirement Blue Sky Financial continues to guide clients through the financial challenges that arise by continuing to provide help understanding all the available options afforded to you.  

Generational Planning


Blue Sky Financial recognizes clients' desire to not just pass on financial opportunities to children and grandchildren, but also financial wisdom. This is why Blue Sky Financial’s client base consists of entire families.  Not just those who live under one roof, but members who stretch across their city, state and even the entire country.

Generational planning is the concept of providing opportunities to other generations, not just in the form of a final estate, but also through gifting efforts over our lifetime.

Financial planning includes strategies to pass wealth and opportunities to family members in an efficient manner and in a way where the client remains in control of how their money is used to provide peace of mind to love ones.


The strategy is not limited to younger generations but also family members in their later years who are in need of financial assistance.  Blue Sky Financial helps clients gain financial peace of mind by identifying how much resources they have to use towards the betterment of those that are important in their life.